PTFE Wire Optimization

Our Plans to Optimize Operations

Phoenix Wire, a Vermont Based manufacturer of PTFE wire has recently announced the continuation of initiatives to add to and optimize the company’s existing manufacturing processes. According to company president, Horace Corbin, “Ongoing improvements in our facility and to our processes ensure that we can provide PTFE insulated wires for virtually any application that calls for them.”

PTFE insulated wire is often used in the aerospace, medical, and electronics industries for its ability to properly function despite extremely harsh operating conditions. As Corbin explains, while many industries call for PTFE insulated wire, now more than ever they also require a higher level of cost efficiency. “It’s not enough to deliver highly flexibly PTFE insulated wire that will hold up under even the most intense applications. Cost efficiency and reduced lead times are what our customers need to an equal degree, and we’re making the optimizations to help deliver it.” These equipment and facility additions range from general process improvements to through-put enhancements to the company’s insulating lines.

Another part of ongoing improvements at Phoenix Wire includes additions to the company’s personnel and infrastructure, allowing Phoenix Wire to improve productivity and capabilities while retaining the high level of precision they have become known for. Phoenix Wire continues to excel when it comes to both low and high volume PTFE coating for critical wires in various applications around the world, especially regarding the company’s specialty – micro miniature PTFE insulated wire. “With assemblies and products becoming smaller and smaller, the need for miniature PTFE insulated wire is great. With that in mind, future enhancements also place a focus on broadening our capabilities when it comes to miniature wire for everything from body implants to aerospace components.”