What is PTFE Wire?

The exceptional Insulator that goes by many names.

PTFE is a Fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene that goes by many names. It was first patented in 1941 and trademarked in 1945, yet the chemistry remains the same. PTFE by any name, is PTFE.

When PTFE is properly cured, it effectively creates an insulation with an operation temperature ranging from -90ºC to +260ºC. It is also chemically inert, weather resistant, non flammable, and has zero moisture absorption. This makes PTFE an incredible resource for applications in an extremely wide variety of applications

The exceptional insulating and mechanical properties of PTFE make its use in a number of electronic components incredibly beneficial for the manufacturer and end-user. It allows manufacturers to create products that are protected from shock, heat, chemical corrosion, abrasion, and moisture.


PTFE coated wire is so effective at resisting the elements that PWI regularly insulates micro miniature wiring that regularly comes into contact with corrosive substances that would quickly undermine virtually any other material.

In terms of friction, PTFE has one of the lowest friction coefficients available, making it ideal for applications that involve a high degree of friction and abrasion from components like bearings and gears.

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