PTFE Coated Wire for All Applications

Standard, Custom, Magnet, and Miniature Wire. Compare to Teflon® Coated Wire for the same great performance.

Phoenix Wire Inc insulates to your specification to meet your needs perfectly for virtually any industry or application that calls for insulated wire that benefits from unbeatable protection, durability, and flexibility.

PTFE Coated wire services are ideal for the aerospace industries, medical (surgical) industry, electronics, & packaging industry. We specialize in Platinum Iridium PTFE coated wire.

Detailed specifications for our micro wire can be seen on our spec sheets. Some of the qualities & capabilities are listed below:

Our Wire Features:

  • Extreme Flexibility
  • Long Lengths
  • 10 Bright Colors
  • Chemically Inert
  • Multilayer TFE Insulation
  • Various Configurations
  • Silver-Plated Conductors or Conductor of Your Choice
  • -90°C to 260°C Operating Temperature

The Difference Between PTFE Coated Wire and Teflon ® Coated Wire

Many times, customers ask us how our PTFE coated wire products differ from Teflon® Coated Wire. In terms of specifications, tensile strength, durability, resistivity, and all of the other incredible qualities you have come to expect from insulated wire – the two are synonymous. PTFE simply stands for chemical compound polytetrafluoroethylene.

However, for years our specialty has been producing micro miniature wire. Essentially, we start where other companies stop, and can insulate bare wire as small as .001” with standard products ranging from 28 AWG to 44 AWG. For more on how PTFE coated wire compared to Teflon® Coated Wire, click here.

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