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ptfe-coated-wire.html: Phoenix Wire Inc insulates to your specification to meet your needs perfectly for virtually any industry or application that calls for insulated wire that benefits from unbeatable protection, durability, and flexibility.

ptfe-insulated-copper-magnet-wire.html: Due to a surplus of our AWG #35 SINGLE PTFE insulated magnet wire, we are now offering incredibly discounted pricing for orders of this particular size, 35ST, SINGLE PTFE MAGNET WIRE. If your applications call for #35 AWG magnet wire, call PWI today for special pricing you won’t find anywhere else.

ptfe-insulated-wire.html: PTFE coated wire is designed to be the reliable solution you require for applications that will place your wires in extreme conditions such as high temperatures and frequencies.

what-is-ptfe-wire.html: PTFE is a Fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene known for it's high performance characteristics used by a wide variety of industries.

ptfe-wire-applications.html: PTFE’s significant chemical, temperature, moisture, and electrical resistances make it an ideal material whenever products, tools, and components need to be durable and reliable in even the most strenuous applications.

ptfe-wire-faq.html: PTFE is a Fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene, known for it's superior performance characteristics in a number of applications.

ptfe-wire-manufacturer.html: Phoenix Wire is a leading manufacturer of PTFE wire for industries ranging from the medical and aerospace industries to electronics, communications, and more.

mhw-tdq-spec-chart.html: Using the best insulation known and capitalizing on experience in the insulating of PTFE, dating back to 1951. Phoenix Wire has developed a multi-layer thin wall wire to aid in miniaturization.

ptfe-wire-spec-sheet.html: Platinum, silver, copper, silver-plated copper, gold, stainless steel, steel, iron ...

ptfe-capabilities.html: PTFE insulated wire offers an incredibly diverse range of advantages ranging from sheer durability and flexibility to extensive resistances to cold, heat, chemicals, friction, impact, and more.

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