Frequently Asked Questions

PTFE is a Fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene, and is best known by a variety of brand names. In any case, PTFE remains the generic name of the material.

PTFE, when properly cured, creates an insulation that exhibits an operation temperature of -90ºC to +260ºC, extreme flexibility, and natural lubricity. It is chemically inert, weather resistant, non flammable, and has zero moisture absorption.

Phoenix Wire has been in business insulating wire with PTFE since 1970. Our production staff has over 54 years of experience in this business.

No, all Phoenix Wire does is insulate wire with PTFE. It is all we have ever done for over 43 years. Naturally, we’ve grown quite accustomed to it, and have helped customers from numerous industries with an incredibly wide range of applications.

Phoenix Wire specializes in micro miniature wire. Essentially, we start where other PTFE insulated wire companies stop. PWI can insulate bare wire as small as .001”. Our standard products range from 28 AWG to 44 AWG. We also offer copper magnet wire in sizes ranging from AWG 18 to AWG 44. Stranded wires are available from AWG 30 to AWG 42.

Our TDQ and MHW wire carry a 300 volt rating. Our wire has an insulation that is roughly half the thickness of ET wire, which makes it ideal for miniaturization, while also creating a much more flexible wire.

PTFE wire can definitely be hard to strip. Though thermal and abrasive stripping methods both work. We typically refer people to Eraser Company for an abrasive stripper that accommodates the small OD of our wire.

PTFE in its natural state is clear or slightly milky depending on the thickness of the insulation. By adding pigments we can create 10 standard colors: red, green, black, white, blue, yellow, orange, brown, violet and gray. We also can do custom colors.

Phoenix Wire differs from many wire manufacturers. We actually will sell quantities as low as 100 feet of our standard products. Pricing definitely is improved the more wire purchased, and most of our customers typically buy between 1000 and 5000 feet at a time.

We do not certify our wire for ROHS compliance but we do only purchase ROHS raw materials and depend on our vendors to comply with our requests.

We have researched our raw material sources and have been guaranteed that they meet the requirements of the law.

TDQ wire is a solid conductor silver plated copper wire with PTFE insulation. MHW wire is a stranded silver-plated copper wire with PTFE insulation; it stands for Microminiature Hook-up Wire. Since TDQ wire is a solid conductor it is not as flexible as our MHW wire. The insulation is much thinner on both of these wires than typically produced, both wires will exhibit more flexibility than expected.

No, our wire is made through a dispersion process where many very thin layers of insulation are combined to create a completely concentric insulation. Due to this process we can create a wire with very little insulation and a wire with much fewer pin holes - Also the thinner the insulation the smaller the overall OD and the more flexible the wire.

There are many secondary sellers in the marketplace but we have no official distributor. Our wire is sold directly by us the manufacturer.

If kept in a controlled environment there is no shelf life of PTFE insulated wire. This makes buying bulk quantities both cost-effective, and risk-free.

Phoenix Wire makes both flat cables and twisted cables. The twisted cables can even be over coated with a layer of PTFE or FEP.

No we only make the inner conductors of those cables, but can direct you to companies that jacket and shield micro cables.

We prefer to have a purchase order, but can take a written order with credit card payment. We accept Visa and MasterCard only.

Please contact us by phone at 802-372-4561; e-mail at [email protected]; or fax at 802-372-5178.

Actually, our wire is used in many different industries. It is used in Medical Instrumentation and Implants, Aviation, Mechanical Engineering, Oil and Gas Industry, Retail, Computers, Veterinary Medicine, Automotive, Food industry, Communications, The Art Scene, Robotics, Marine Sciences, Space Exploration, Bioengineering, Chemical Sciences, and more.

Phoenix Wire can insulate with many different conductors as long as the metal will not flux during processing. We insulate Platinum, Platinum Iridium, NiChrome, Chromel, Alumel, Constantan, Stainless Steel, Music Wire, Tiger Claw, Steel, Gold, Gold plated wire, Dumet, Copper clad wire, Titanium. If you have questions about the wire you might want to use, simply contact us at [email protected] or 802-372-4561.

We cannot insulate Aluminum or Tin, as they will flux during our insulating process.