The PTFE Wire Manufacturer You've Been Looking for

PTFE Wire Manufactured for Results

Phoenix Wire is a leading manufacturer of PTFE wire for industries ranging from the medical and aerospace industries to electronics, communications, and more. As a PTFE manufacturer serving so many customers with widely varying requirements, we've continually built on our ability to deliver PTFE wire with the specifications customers like you rely on for performance and dependability. In doing so, we've become experts not only at providing PTFE coated wires in all standard sizes, but we've also been sought after as a leading PTFE cable manufacturer when it comes to the miniature and micro sizes increasingly required by customers in every industry.

PTFE wire manufactured by Phoenix Wire comes in AWG gauges between 24 and 50 with .00025” to .006” of PTFE insulation. Silver plated copper wire comes standard in all wires. However, if you require a different conductor – it's not a problem.
Our goal as a PTFE wire manufacturer is to provide our customers with a competitive source for the right solutions. If the right solution for you is miniature PTFE coated copper wire with a thin layer of coating, that's what you need – and that's what Phoenix Wire will deliver. At the same time, if you're unsure of the best configuration for your needs, our technical team is always happy to consult with you on the benefits and limitations of various configurations.

PTFE Coated Wire Features

  • 10 bright colors
  • -90°C to 260°C operating temperature
  • Available with standard silver conductors, unless otherwise requested
  • Chemically inert
  • Completely uniform
  • Highly flexible
  • Long or short lengths
  • Manufactured with multilayer TFE insulation
  • Micro, miniature, and custom configurations available
A PTFE Wire Manufacturer That Considers You, Your Industry, and Your Specific Needs

As a PTFE cable manufacturer, our focus is quality and our goal is to help you succeed. That's why every step of our process has been optimized to bring you the best possible PTFE wire, from manufacturing standards and quality control, all the way down to customer service and shipping.
We haven't stayed in business by simply manufacturing bulk quantities of PTFE wire without regard for customer service or value added services. Whether you need a small order, or a large one – Phoenix Wire can provide the solution you're looking for. For more information, call 802.372.4561